Background screenings are crucial in the hiring process, as they provide insight into a candidate’s past to help you determine their trustworthiness. This helps you avoid potential pitfalls, like medical malpractice lawsuits and fraudulent credentials.

ATS integrations allow you to manage all of your background screening processes from within your ATS, eliminating the need for manual data entry and saving time.

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Background screening is an important step in hiring new candidates, and a streamlined experience is key to improving candidate engagement and retention. A bad candidate experience can lead to high attrition rates and a poor reputation for the employer.

A streamlined screening experience makes the entire process easier for both applicants and recruiters. This means candidates can quickly and easily submit the information they need to perform a background check, while recruiters can track all results in one place.

An efficient background screening experience also prioritizes communication, so that candidates understand the importance of submitting their information and why they are required to do so. A streamlined screening application or platform should also provide a realistic time frame for when an applicant can expect to receive their results.

Besides providing an optimized candidate experience, the right screening partner can help you reduce time lags in the hiring and onboarding processes by offering technology that streamlines your background screening process. This includes ATS integrations and electronic consent forms that can give you an edge over competitors.

The best way to find a background screening provider that can help you overcome these challenges is to ask questions about their compliance, ability to streamline processes, and integrations with ATS and HR systems. They should also offer a full range of services to meet your needs.

Scaled to Your Growth

Whether you’re a hiring manager in the market for your next star or are simply looking for a way to streamline your background screening processes, we’ve got you covered. Our patented, industry-first technology allows us to scale seamlessly as you grow your business and streamline all of your hiring process needs in one place.

The right background check software can help you save time and money, as well as ensure you’re hiring the best possible talent for your organization. Our streamlined background check software is designed to deliver fast, accurate results at an affordable price, all while ensuring your organization maintains compliance and reduces the risk of a negligent hire.

If you’re ready to learn more about how Seamless Search can help your company, contact our team today. Our specialists are standing by to answer your questions and provide you with a free no-obligation estimate for your needs.

We’ll even show you a little bit of Seamless Search magic for yourself! Let’s chat about your needs and see if we can make your next hiring move the best it can be.

Verified by Real People

When hiring, it is essential to conduct a background check on every applicant. It not only helps protect your company from scams or a bad hire, but also saves you money and time on insurance.

In addition to verifying the candidate’s name and social security number, identity checks give you peace of mind that they are the person they say they are. It can be very dangerous for candidates to use stolen identities to apply for jobs, as it can cause them to miss out on opportunities and even put your organization at risk of legal liability.

Identity verification is a crucial screening step that allows you to confirm that a candidate’s name, date of birth, and address are their own. It can also help you avoid mix-ups with other background screening checks by helping to ensure that all the information the candidate provides is correct and accurate.

It can also provide insight into the accuracy of their background check results and help you make more informed hiring decisions. For example, it could be helpful if the applicant has been charged with a crime or had their driver’s license suspended.

A good company will have fast and attentive customer support that is accessible through phone, email, or live chat. It will also have technological capabilities like ATS integrations and electronic consent forms to help you streamline the screening process.

Verified First offers seamless one-click integration with Hyrell, a leading ATS and HR management software. This easy-to-use browser extension enables Hyrell users to easily order, track and manage Universal Background Screening’s background check and verification services directly from their ATS platform. This integration can be used by all companies that need to run a background check or verification on applicants and current employees.

Accurate & Fast

With Seamless Search, you get instant, accurate background checks that help you find the right employee for your business. You can run a straightforward criminal check, or add specialized services that meet your unique needs.

Our team takes the time to learn your organization’s unique hiring requirements and provide compliant screening solutions – all in an easy-to-use platform. We offer a wide range of pre-hire background checks, including form I-9 verifications, drug and health screenings, global searches, credit reports and more.

A thorough criminal background check gives you a clearer picture of your candidates’ criminal history and helps protect your company from employment discrimination. We scour national and local records to identify any reportable convictions, felony or misdemeanor crimes.

We can also search for other relevant information on your candidates, such as social media and professional history, education and driving records, and more. Our search results are verified by real people, so you can confidently hire the best candidate for your position.

Accurate Background helps its clients screen candidates quickly, accurately and at the highest level of compliance, with its industry-leading screening technologies and personalized service. Its support staff is available whenever and however you need a hand.

The firm offers a clean interface, available in 10+ languages, with instant document attachment and E-signature submission. Its platform automatically distributes legal notices on behalf of a client and ensures a seamless background check experience. Moreover, the firm’s CourtAxis tool slashes turnaround time by instantly clearing criminal search results. This proprietary software allows the firm to access more than 2,500 federal, state and local courthouses for any felony or misdemeanor cases reported on an applicant. This technology eliminates tedious phone calls and faxes.

Integrated with Your Platforms

With an API integration, you can integrate your screening workflows with the applicant tracking system (ATS) and other HR systems you use to hire and onboard employees. This streamlines the hiring process and helps keep candidates moving seamlessly from application to job offer.

With the right provider, you’ll be able to find a wide range of options for integrating your background screening platform with other HR technology. It’s important to choose a background screening provider that offers integration options and a proven track record of helping clients improve their efficiency.

Moreover, you should look for a provider that can provide the tech support you need to successfully implement an integration and ensure that the process runs smoothly. It’s also important to select a provider that has the systems capability and technology to work with any cloud-based ATS platform you use.

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