If you are a person who loves to explore the world and meet interesting new people, then you should consider pursuing a career in the travel industry! Working in travel not only helps you fulfil your own travel-related dreams, but you will also be helping other people fulfil there’s!

The travel and tourism industry offers so many opportunities it’s easy to find one that suits your personal tastes and talents. If you enjoy being involved in the organisational aspects of a business, then you could aim for a position in tour operations management. If you are a face-to-face people person who loves to be the centre of attention, then you are a natural for becoming a tour guide, a job that requires a lot of charisma and communication skills!

The following are just some of the many job opportunities the travel industry has to offer:

  • Travel writer or blogger
  • Cruise ship crew
  • Hotel staff
  • Travel agents
  • Pilots
  • Flight attendants
  • Tour guides
  • Ticket vendors

Do you see something that you might enjoy on that list? If so, here is some advice designed to help you begin your career in travel:

Travel – It may seem obvious, but seriously, doing some travelling is the best way any future travel industry employee can get to know their future job! Travelling gives you hands-on experience that you can then share with your customers. From transportation to sightseeing to hotel stays, you can experience all aspects of the industry, its operations and practices. This is also a good way to make connections, who knows? Maybe someday you will be working in one of the venues your travels took you to!

Specialize – The travel industry caters to a very wide range of people and interests, and specializing in one or more can give you a major edge. You could focus on becoming an expert in travel for families with children, or young couples, senior citizens, or business travellers. Or, you can focus on a certain travel-related job, like a tour bus driver or museum guide! The main thing is to follow your personal passions so you are able to share them with your customers.

Communication Skills – These are important in just about any career but are paramount in the travel industry. Working with the public requires you to be able to communicate easily and effectively with a wide variety of people and personalities. Take classes and engage in activities that give you an opportunity to improve your communication skills, and you can always practice them with your family and friends!

Learn A Language – Possibly the single best thing any travel professional can do is to learn another language, or even two! This allows you to communicate with customers who may speak it, as well as the people in the country you may be working in! Being bilingual also looks great on your travel resume!

For more inspiration, check out the Australian Government’s official tourism site for possibilities down under. Wherever you are, there is going to be an opportunity for travel professionals, good luck on your journey!