Earth Log’s Demise: Why did the popular blogging software company quit?

Earth Log was a blogging platform many people loved and depended on to help them with their business. However, the company recently shut down, and all of its customers are searching for an alternative to their beloved Earth Log software. Why did Earth Log go out of business?? Could the company have saved itself from going under? Find out in this overview why Earth Log shut down and alternative options you can use instead of Earth Log to help you with your blogging efforts.

What is Earth Log?

Earth Log was a popular blogging management tool that helped people organize their blogs. The software provided users with ways to schedule content and write blog posts from anywhere in the world, which made it incredibly convenient for bloggers on the go who needed to do research or write about their experience at an event at a moment’s notice.

Why did Earth Log go out of business?

In late 2017, Earth Log suddenly ceased operations. The popular blogging software company has been in business for just over six years. At that time, it had managed to attract loyal users. But apparently, that wasn’t enough to keep the company afloat. So what happened?

Some speculate that it has been due to rising advertising costs and a decrease in readership. Meanwhile, others speculate that the service simply didn’t make enough money to cover its expenses. Some say that the main reason for its closure was WordPress and other famous CMS platforms. Either way, Earth Log has closed its doors permanently.

Why did Earth Log go out of business?
Earth Log No Longer In Business sign

Moving To WordPress

One option for those left in the wake of Earth Log’s shutdown is to move to WordPress. WordPress is a popular open-source content management system that can be used for everything from simple blogs to complex websites. It’s easy to use and has many features, making it a great choice for those looking for a new blogging platform. Users can do everything from creating posts with pictures to adding videos or audio files. You also have access to an extensive library of free plugins so you can personalize your site even more.

Other Alternatives

A few reasons could be attributed to Earth Log’s downfall. Maybe the company wasn’t generating enough revenue, or maybe they simply couldn’t keep up with the competition. Whatever the case may be, there are other alternatives for those looking for similar software. Here are a few options

  • Squarespace is a website design and hosting service provider with built-in blog management features.
  • Weebly offers an open-source content management system, which anyone can download and modify the code to their liking.
  • Other options include Ghost, Jekyll, Wix, Mozello, and Jimdo blog options. All these platforms offer different advantages over Earth Log, but it’s important to find one that suits your needs!

How does this relate to new businesses, startups and entrepreneurs today?

While it’s always sad to see a company go out of business, there are some lessons that new businesses can learn from Earth Log’s mistakes.

  • The first lesson is that founders need to have solid experience in their chosen field for their business idea to succeed. As soon as the competition enters the market, any small mistake can lead to bankruptcy for startups and entrepreneurs alike. In this case, inexperience cost Earth Log dearly when they could not compete with larger players such as WordPress and Squarespace.
  • The second lesson is that scaling up quickly without revenue growth can result in bankruptcy as well.
  • Finally, new businesses should understand that startup expenses don’t end at the launch date–they continue until the company becomes profitable. Founders must be able to work on marketing efforts while running operations simultaneously in order for both aspects of their startup to thrive.

Let’s Sum Up

The decision to shut down Earth Log was a tough one, but one that had to be made. It’s always tough when you have to close up shop, but it’s just as tough when you decide to stick around past your time. The universe knows when something isn’t right, and we were no exception to this rule.

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