Spending time to periodically tidy your desk can help to make you more efficient and better organised. Having to always search through the clutter that surrounds you can hinder productivity. Keeping your work space clean is probably easier than you think, and can make you feel more comfortable in your working environment. Here are some tips on keeping a clean and well organised office:

Start by throwing out what you don’t need.

Take a look at everything in your office space, and decide what exactly you need and what you can do without. You could then separate everything in terms of essentials, rubbish, and recycling. It may feel difficult to part with things at first, but there is no point keeping things you never use. If you keep them, they will just add to the clutter in your office.

Conceal all electrical wires.

Concealing the wires in your office will make a big difference to how clean it looks. A well organised work space will make it more comfortable inviting clients into your office. A surge protector can help by keeping all your wires tidily connected to the same outlet. You should aim to make sure they are in an accessible place without drawing attention to them.

Recycle used paper.

In the digital age, there’s not much reason to hang onto paper in your office. Nowadays, businesses mostly use online resources for their administrative work and don’t need to rely on paper. Unless it is absolutely necessary, you should decrease the amount of paper you use and recycle what you no longer need.

Minimise the clutter on your desk.

Your physical desktop is where you work on your career goals and accomplish essential tasks, not a storage area. Minimise your clutter and maximise your work space. Ensure that all items on your desk enhance your productivity. Put up shelves, put things in drawers, and buy storage bins to keep things tidy.

Most importantly, clean regularly.

It’s important to hire professionals for a periodic Big Clean up of your entire office. Individually, you should regularly clean your work space so it never becomes a cluttered mess. Just tidying up for a few minutes every week will probably be enough to keep everything clean and tidy.  If something on your desk is redundant, throw it away. One way to help cultivate a positive work life is by maintaining a tidy work area. Stop wasting time looking for missing items in the clutter, create a healthy work space.