Do you want to know how to chop firewood perfectly every time?

There’s something incredibly gratifying about chopping firewood. It taps into our inner caveman (or cavewoman, for those of us lucky enough to be women!) and gives us a chance to work up a sweat.

Still, there’s a right way and a wrong way to do it. If you want to avoid injury and get the most from your firewood, you need to learn how to chop firewood properly.

Here are five tips to help you learn how to split firewood in style.

1. Use the Right Tools for the Job

The key to chopping firewood like a pro is to use the right tools for the job. Investing in a quality, sharp axe and having it sharpened regularly should be a priority. Purchase this product and see how it can make your work much easier.

A splitter or maul can also help you chop wood more quickly and efficiently. The wedge, a tool that fits into the axe head, helps prevent the axe from sticking in the wood and creates a more powerful strike.

2. Assess Firewood Logs Before Chopping

Assessing firewood logs before chopping helps to ensure you choose the right logs for your firewood needs and that the logs are safely and efficiently chopped. Here are five tips for assessing firewood logs before chopping:

First, inspect each log for any signs of rot and decay before chopping.

Second, look for structural soundness – look for even surfaces and check for any signs of cracking or breaking.

Third, measure each log to ensure it is the right size for your desired firewood use.

Fourth, take into consideration any knots that you may need to cut around.

Fifth, make sure that the type of wood you are chopping is the right one for your firewood needs.

3. Get the Proper Technique Down

To get the proper technique down for chopping firewood, start by taking a wide stance, with your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Then, hold the axe with both hands, making sure your hands are evenly spaced and at least 4 to 5 inches apart. Lock your arms and make sure your elbows stay outside of your body.

Next, take a deep breath, then lift the axe with a powerful, swift motion. Upon the axe head’s impact, push with your arms to ensure the wood is split in one go. Practicing this motion with a lighter axe before transitioning to a full-size log can help improve accuracy and reduce fatigue.

4. Take Sufficient Safety Precautions

Safety is a critical factor when chopping firewood, and it should never be overlooked. Before beginning, ensure you are wearing the proper clothing, gloves, and eye protection to guard against flying splinters, wood chips, and sawdust. Use a chopping block to protect your work area, and make sure it is level and free of debris.

5. Proper Firewood Storage

Proper firewood storage is essential in providing a clean, free-of-contamination source for the heat source. It should be kept in a separate shed or garage that is raised off the ground, with a well-ventilated top and bottom, securely covered with a tarp. Store it off the ground and away from your home to avoid potential insect or rodent infestation.

Follow These Tips for Chopping Firewood Like a Pro

Chopping firewood may sound intimidating, but following easy steps and proper safety precautions can help even beginners become chopping pros. Now that you know these tips for chopping firewood like a pro, why not get started by gathering your tools now?

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