How Is Urbanization Affected By Business?

Urbanization and business are closely related to each other, and they both happen to be two of the fastest-growing areas in the world today. It could be said that not only have businesses been affected by urbanization, but urbanization has also been influenced by businesses worldwide.

Urbanization has been going on since ancient times, but it began to take on its present, prominent characteristics with the onset of the Industrial Revolution and the growth of towns and cities. In today’s world, urbanization means that more than half of the world’s population lives in urban areas and that the amount of land used for non-urban purposes (agriculture, forests, etc.) has shrunk by nearly half since 1920, according to World Bank statistics.

With the rate of urbanization occurring faster than ever before, it’s important to recognize the factors that contribute to this movement. What is the most significant factor? Obviously Business. But how?

Businesses need workers, and the best way to get them is to bring them into the city center where they can live, work, and socialize. This allows businesses to concentrate their labor pool which reduces costs in both time and money for the business owner or manager, so long as transportation networks are in place that can also meet this demand. In this article, we’ll discuss how business has positively and negatively affected urbanization.

How Is Urbanization Affected By Business? Some Positive Impacts

More Job Opportunities

Urban areas often have jobs and opportunities to better the lives of their residents. Poverty is less common in urban areas than in rural, which provides many people with a way out of poverty that they wouldn’t have had otherwise.

How Is Urbanization Affected By Business?

Decent Work and Economic Growth

Businesses can provide Decent Work and Economic Growth. Businesses are the primary economic engine in most regions, create the lion’s share of jobs, and account for a significant share of GDP. Additionally, the business helps foster opportunities for rural populations and serves as a driver of economic change.

Sustainable Cities and Communities

The business provides Sustainable Cities and Communities which are needed to sustain our communities, economy, and the environment. Businesses exist at all levels, from small companies to large corporations. All enterprises have a significant role in reducing poverty, growing the economy, and fueling prosperity for all people.

How Is Urbanization Affected By Business? Some Negative Impacts

Global warming

There’s no denying that the effects of global warming are going to have massive implications for us. Carbon dioxide emissions are causing warming, and there’s been a recent increase in greenhouse gases which will only exacerbate the problem. Areas on Earth that have previously been too cold to inhabit will now become much more livable, while areas near the equator may see vast changes because of industries and other businesses.

How Is Urbanization Affected By Business?

Habitat destruction

There are many, many ways that businesses are responsible for habitat destruction. Forests are being burned to create more land for cattle grazing and cut down to make way for palm oil plantations. Mining companies disrupt habitats, dams alter the natural flow of water (and therefore change migration patterns), food companies pollute habitats with chemical pesticides, and croplands and animal farms eat up natural habitats and push plant and animal species out.

Sweatshops and child labor

Businesses are responsible for factories and retail shops in underdeveloped countries, many of which use sweatshops and child labor. Sweatshops are work environments that lack adequate equipment or worker safety measures, where laborers often work overtime and receive very low wages. Child labor occurs when an individual under the age of 18 performs paid or unpaid labor for economic benefit; this labor can be any task deemed too dangerous for an adult to perform. The World Health Organization estimates that nearly 250 million children worldwide engage in child labor.

Lets’s Sum Up

Businesses are very important to the growth of the economy and urbanization. Businesses provide jobs for people, which allows for more people to live in those urban areas. Also, businesses provide a source of income for people that live in those urban areas. When there are businesses in an urban area, there will be more people wanting to live there, which can lead to global warming, habitat destruction, child labor, etc…

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