The culinary scene in Las Vegas is evolving every day. From celebrity-owned restaurants to local favorites, you can’t go wrong when you’re deciding on where to eat in Sin City.

But how does the average Las Vegas foodie find the best of the best? It’s easy for a food lover to miss out on amazing dishes.

From breakfast to late-night eats, there’s something for everyone. Below, we’ve curated our list of the most delicious dishes for your next trip to Las Vegas. Read on to discover some delicious Las Vegas dishes you must try while in town.

1. Moqueca Mista

It’s a flavorful stew featuring a variety of seafood items in a creamy coconut milk sauce that can be served with rice or mashed yucca. Moqueca Mista has a unique flavor profile that includes the tropical heat of Brazilian piri-piri and the subtle freshness of shrimp, fish, mussels, and calamari cooked in a blend of aromatic olive oil and white wine. The creamy coconut milk sauce creates a light and inviting texture that pairs perfectly with a mix of seafood ingredients.

For the adventurous foodie, Moqueca Mista is a must-try!

2. Veal Parmigiana

This dish is made with juicy veal cutlets, layered with cheese and marinara sauce, then finished with a hint of herbs and spices. Enjoy this flavorful and rich dish with a side of pasta or mashed potatoes. Pair it with a good glass of wine and a fabulous atmosphere.

This satisfying Italian dish can be enjoyed in the best Italian restaurants in Vegas. This classic Italian dish turns an ordinary night in the city into an extraordinary Las Vegas dining experience.

3. Pastrami Burger

This juicy burger packs a flavorful punch with slow-cooked, hand-crumbed, and hand-carved pastrami. Two seasoned beef patties are grilled to perfection, then stacked with melted Swiss cheese, crispy pastrami, and onion strings – all atop a toasted sesame seed bun.

The pastrami adds a flavorful depth to the sandwich, and the onion strings add a crunchy texture that’s sure to please any palate.

4. Macaroni and Cheese Carbonara

This rich and creamy dish combines a savory cheese sauce and bacon with the classic comfort of macaroni and pecorino cheese. Toppings like crispy shallots, diced tomatoes, and basil leaves complete the dish. 

With just the right amount of saltiness and a hint of smokiness, this dish definitely satisfies any food lover’s cravings.

5. Sage Fried Chicken And Waffles

Juicy, sage-seasoned chicken and light, fluffy waffles with savory maple syrup create a marriage of flavors that are hard to beat. Bite into the golden-brown chicken straight off the fryer and savor the crunch that carries through to the juicy flesh beneath.

The waffle is the perfect accompaniment, providing a crunchy contrast to the tender chicken. The rich, homemade syrup takes the dish to the next level of indulgence and decadence.

Making the Most of Your Las Vegas Foodie Experience

Las Vegas encompasses all types of international cuisines, offering something flavorful and unique to each Las Vegas foodie. Food tours offer the perfect way to experience the diverse tastes of Vegas.

Try something new and experience the city’s dynamic cuisine. Give food tours a try today and experience the taste of Las Vegas!

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