Looking to produce a high-quality video for your company? It’s an excellent choice. Videos are a hot lead-generating strategy, and they should certainly be part of every entrepreneur’s toolkit.

However, corporate video production isn’t a budget-friendly endeavor. Videos can carry corporate video production costs that can run into the thousands, even if you’re only shooting in-house.

You can still make a video that impresses your audience. Here are some ways you can keep those costs low.

1. Leverage Pre-Existing Material

This means reusing existing footage, stock elements, music, or animations. These also involve products you have purchased in the past and repurposing them. Doing so can save time and money, as you will have less new content that needs to be generated and fewer external resources to bring in.

By making small changes to preexisting materials, you can quickly create something new that looks and feels different. To ensure the materials remain relevant and effective, you can refresh periodically by changing out the music or voice-over, adding new graphics, and more.

2. Streamline Your Process

Start by keeping your production goal in mind and put together a detailed plan to document decisions and save time. Consolidate tasks such as scriptwriting and sourcing footage whenever possible.

A streamlined production process can help you stay focused each step of the way. This will help reduce costs by avoiding unnecessary re-shoots or other costly delays.

3. Outsource When Necessary

Oftentimes, it can be cheaper to hire experts to provide specialized services. This include services like:

  • sound design
  • animation
  • color-grading
  • production

If you’re not experienced with the particular area you need help with, letting experts handle it can help you get the job done. This will also ensure higher quality in less time, saving you money in the long run.

4. Use Advanced Equipment

Advancements in technology have revolutionized the corporate video production process, giving businesses the opportunity to leverage advanced equipment to create high-quality videos in a cost-effective manner. With these tools, corporate video production costs can be reduced by utilizing powerful tools like high-end cameras and audio solutions.

Another example is the use of a Green screen studio. This can reduce video production expenses as all the aspects of production can be done in a single location with the help of post-editing.

5. Invest in Software Solutions

Investing in a comprehensive video software solution can help streamline the production process. This allows corporations to create content quickly and easily. The software solutions provide a high level of creativity and flexibility.

Additionally, these solutions provide the user with the ability to quickly capture and compress video and audio files. It also provides ease with overlays, special effects, texts, and video clip transitions.

Maximize Corporate Video Production Costs

Producing corporate videos can be costly, but there are a few tips to reduce production costs and achieve the same quality video significantly. Leveraging existing assets and having a clear plan and budget are key steps to reducing video production costs. Learn more about controlling video production costs by signing up for our newsletter.

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