Quality websites are crucial for any small business. Yet, not everyone understands how to create a website that sells.

Creating a website from scratch can be overwhelming. Deciding where to begin and how to put together a site, that not only looks good but also serves its intended purpose, can feel like an impossible task.

That is why hiring a professional web designer can be a lifesaver. You can let a pro handle the nitty gritty, while you take care of the big picture of the business.

Not sure if you need a professional web designer or not? Here are a few signs you should say goodbye to DIY and hire a professional, instead.

Pros of a DIY Website Design 

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) website design is an increasingly popular option for those looking to go online. Here are some of the advantages of a DIY website design.


One of the primary pros of DIY website design is its flexibility. DIY websites are generally much more user-friendly and customizable than those designed by professionals. A DIY website designer can tailor the website to their exact needs, making it highly responsive and efficient.

Cost Effective

Designing a website on your own can be a very cost-effective option. In comparison to outsourcing the task to a web designer, the cost of a DIY website can be significantly lower.

Additionally, having full control over the website design process will allow you to fully customize the website to better reflect your own needs and preference, without having to spend extra money on additional services. Moreover, you can make various design changes and updates to the website whenever you want without having to pay for additional services. 

Creative Control

If you have a vision for what the website will look like, you’ll need the control that DIY website designing provides. That could mean the freedom to choose the page layout, colors, fonts, and other design elements.

The ability to build, customize, and tweak the website to make sure it is exactly what you envisioned also offers a level of satisfaction and ownership. With DIY website design, you have full authority over the look and feel of your website. 

Cons of a DIY Website Design

DIY website design has its advantages. A website redesign can be a risk if you don’t have enough knowledge about it. Here are some of the drawbacks.

Slower Site Speed

If you choose the DIY route for website design and development, there is a major con: slower site speed. DIY websites are not optimized for performance and can cause your page to load slowly, resulting in higher bounce rates for your website users. Slow page loading can frustrate your website, visitors, leading them away from your page out of frustration.

Additionally, search engine bots may not be able to crawl as quickly, leading to decreased organic traffic. If you’re looking for high performance, it is essential not to opt for DIY website development or design. 

Hidden Cost

These hidden costs include hosting fees, software fees, and maintenance fees. The hosting fees can be quite high depending on the type of website and the company that you are paying to host it. Software fees can quickly add up if you are buying multiple programs or special features for your website.

Maintenance fees can be steep if the tools used to create the website do not easily make updates and changes. Additionally, there may be added time costs for both learning the necessary software and for trying to troubleshoot any issues that may arise. 


DIY website designing is an attractive idea for businesses trying to save costs. However, for branding purposes, the quality of their design and overall presence in the digital world can suffer. This is from a lack of knowledge and experience with the necessary tools and coding languages used to create a website.

A professional web designer has the expertise and experience to create a website that will present a company professionally. They are also up to date on web design trends and know the best ways to incorporate them into the design of a website. DIY web design may seem like a great option, but it’s not always the best practice for those wanting to create a great branding presence.

Pros of Hiring a Website Designer

Building a website can be difficult, however hiring a website designer can help ease it. It is important to review both of the pros associated with hiring a website designer. 

Creative Approach

Hiring a professional web designer can provide a unique and creative approach to website design. The designer is an expert in developing a beautiful, functional, and sleek website to match any business’ needs.

Professional web designers will also take into account the website’s goal, message, and brand identity, to create a website that is tailored to the business needs. Furthermore, professional web designers can often provide strategic advice and guidance to ensure that the website meets the desired goals.

Search Engine Optimized

Hiring a professional web designer is the best option if you want a website that is professionally designed and search engine optimized. Working with a skilled web designer will ensure search engine optimization is customized to your website’s exact needs and audience. They will know what type of coding, format, content, and other technical aspects to include.

This is so your website can rank highly in search engines. Since web designers have the experience and technical knowledge needed to optimize websites, it’s worth the extra money to hire one of them.


When it comes to website customization and design, hiring a professional can be an advantage. A professional website designer has the knowledge and prowess to produce a much more appealing site. They enable you to get a professionally customized website that not only looks great but functions correctly.

Professionally trained web designers have a deep understanding of HTML, CSS, and the complexities of web design. This allows them to fully customize your website and make sure it runs without any errors.

Having a customized website design is very important in marketing, which is especially true for some websites for lawyers. This helps them gain more clients.

Cons of Hiring a Website Designer 

Hiring a web design company can be beneficial for your business. However, there are also some drawbacks to be aware of. Here are some of the drawbacks.

Not Very Affordable

When it comes to websites, hiring a professional web designer can be costly. Professionals tend to be more knowledgeable and have an eye for design, but they come with a price tag. If you plan to hire a web designer, be prepared to shell out a hefty sum for their services.

Not only that, the fees are usually not upfront, so you will be paying them along the way. If you have a tight budget, it may be better to DIY to save money.

Even if you have the resources, it may still be difficult to communicate your vision accurately. Either way, hiring a professional can be a big investment and exposes you to potential financial risks.

Takes a Lot of Time

One of the major issues is that it takes a lot of time. It can be time-consuming to find the right person for the job, prepare a design brief, and coordinate with the design team. Additionally, once the designs are finalized, further time can be involved in bringing the new website to life, as coding and other integration tasks may need to take place.

All of this time and effort may end up costing more than the upfront savings of DIYing the website in the first place. However, to achieve a professional-looking and well-functioning website, making sure to do the due diligence of hiring a professional web designer may still be the right choice.

Lack of Control

Hiring a website designer can limit one’s control of the final product. Since the designer is in charge of the website’s design, navigation, and usability you have to be willing to relinquish some control over the website’s look and feel and let the designer do the job for which you hired them.

It can be challenging to relinquish control, especially of a project that’s important to you or your business. The website will not look exactly how you want it, and you must accept the designer’s decisions. Also, since the website is designed and coded by the designer, changes are very difficult to make, or even undo. 

Hire a Professional Web Designer for Your Web Design Needs

No matter what you decide, remember that you have the power to make the best decision for your business. If you have the time, budget, and expertise, DIY is a viable option; however, if you need help, hiring a professional web designer who specializes in your niche is the way to go.

Don’t be scared to ask questions and make sure you’re comfortable with your choice. Start today and watch your business grow.

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