As businesses face the challenges and opportunities of such a rapid rise in data, data centers need to be more innovative and efficient than ever before. This is especially true for micro data centers and small businesses.

One of the benefits of owning a data center is that you have a highly skilled workforce that can give you reliable advice and support. Read on to learn about how to scale a micro data center.

Measure Power Efficiency

When scaling a modular data center, power efficiency should be a prime consideration. The main focus should be implementing techniques to conserve energy. Also, to optimize data center power management.

Implementing virtualization techniques is also important. Techniques like server consolidation, consolidation of layer switching, and network optimization. These can help provide the greatest efficiency when adding or removing resources.

Revisit Airflow

When scaling a micro data center, it is important to have an efficient airflow system in place. Airflow will ensure heat is moved away from hot spots in the data center. This will prevent hardware damage caused by overheating.

Below are some of the steps when revisiting airflow. Let’s check them out!

Identify the Amount of Cooling Needed

When expanding a mini data center, it’s important to know exactly how much cooling is needed for good performance and for the future. The first step is to figure out how the micro data center is set up and how much cooling it needs based on how much power it uses. This means looking at the size, the number of tools, and the total power load.

Consider Using Air Containment Solutions

When considering how to efficiently scale a micro data center, air containment solutions should be seriously considered. This approach utilizes cabinets configured with a sealed bottom and top. This limits cross-contamination and maximizes cooling efficiency.

Raise the Temperature

One of the most effective ways to efficiently scale a micro data center is to raise the temperature. While it may seem counterintuitive to make a data center hotter in order to increase its efficiency and performance, doing so is a proven way to save costs and increase output.

By raising the temperatures of the server room by even a few degrees, the company can save on cooling costs. While still keeping the system cool enough to remain efficient.

Improve Power Distribution

To improve power distribution in a micro data center, efficient scaling is key. To start, accurately measure the power requirements of the data center’s entire system. Calculate power and cooling abilities for their peak operation.

Identify rack-level power switching and use any available at-the-rack power distribution to ensure it’s not competing with the data center’s core UPSs. For more useful information about data center efficiency, be sure to check out XCircle today!

Learn More About Micro Data Center Today

Careful planning and management of resources are the keys to efficiently scaling a micro data center. From setting capacity and reliability parameters to managing day-to-day resources, efficient scaling of the micro data center is possible.

Upgrade to the cloud for scalability, redundancy, and cost savings. Don’t hesitate to contact experienced professionals for assistance in scaling your data center.

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