Are you interested in buying Bluetooth earphones, headphones, or earbuds but confused about which is best? But first, it is important to know how to charge Bluetooth earphones, headphones, earbuds properly and what is the method of charging because all of them have different ways of charging.

The market is full of many kinds of bluetooth with charger headphones, earphones, and earbuds with distinct features, price ranges, and technology. Now, it is essential to know how you charge your Bluetooth headphones or earbuds can vary depending on your model.

Many people face problems when they charge their earbuds or earphones at the beginning. But trust us, after reading this enlightening article, you will find this as simple and quick as frying an omelette.

In this article, we will share detailed information about charging bluetooth. So without any further ado, let’s get started;

How to Charge Bluetooth Earphones, Headphones, Earbuds: Step-by-step guide

There are three standard methods that people may use for all wireless earphones to be charged. The first option, using a USB cable, is the most common. The second way is to use a charging case, which is the coolest and most effective of the available options. The third option is to use a wireless earpods charger. Below, you’ll find detailed explanations of all three methods.

●      Micro USB cable for charging Bluetooth earphones

The easiest and most common method many people use to charge Bluetooth earphones is a USB cable. The USB cable comes with the earphone box when we get it. Sometimes, it is not included with the earphones; therefore, we can use our charging cable to charge it.

There are a variety of earphones on the market, and they all require their own unique USB port; for example, some earphones have a micro USB connector, while others have the most recent type C port. We suggest reading the user instructions, which are also included with the earphones, to identify which type of earphone you have.

If you want to charge the Earbuds using the micro USB, then you must connect a micro USB cable to your USB adapter, pc, or device. After plugging in the earphones, you need to wait until it charges.

Are you wondering how to know that the earphones are completely charged? Well, there are two simplest methods where you can know it easily.

The first one is its LED Light which will show you the charging level like the combo of red and green or red and blue it totally depends on the earphones. But when your Bluetooth earphones show red blinking light, that indicates that it will be turned off automatically due to battery low after seconds.

●      Use a charging case to charge bluetooth earbuds.

Most headphones, including earbuds, come with a charging case that functions as a portable battery nowadays. If you’re constantly on the go, Always invest in headphones with a charging case. It’s a good idea to power up your earbud case before you go on your journey. You may charge your earphones with a USB cable by connecting the case to a power source. When the case is powered on, a light indicates that it is ready to accept the earbuds. At that point, you can put the earbuds in the box, and they will begin charging.

The charging case method generally increases the earphones’ battery life by up to 15 hours or more. But what if the case completely lost charging? Thus, it is quite surprising that the earbud case can be charged from a portable power bank while on the go. So don’t be worried about it now if you have already bought earphones with a case charging option but are unsure how to use them. In that case, we advise reading the user instruction handbook or going to the product manufacturer’s website, which will clarify all your concerns.

●      Use a wireless charging gadget to charge bluetooth earphones.

The wireless charging option on your Bluetooth earphones is also one of the modern methods which are most people prefer to use for charging. There are many types of devices that come on the market with this unique charging feature, including Apple’s iPhone and AirPod. It not only saves your time to find the cord but also reduces the risk of losing earphones. The most well-liked earbuds on the market are the wireless Apple AirPods.

In order to use this wireless charger, the case must be placed on the charging mat with the status indicator pointing upwards while the lid is secured. As a result, the charging case will be supplied with power wirelessly, without a cord.

Sounds good? Well, if you charge your battery all the way up, the status led will turn on to let you know. At that point, you can exit. In case you commonly misplace your belongings, wireless charging is for you.

Since the mat can be charged wirelessly without a cord, you can leave it in one spot and never worry about losing it. Wireless charging is featured in many modern electronic gadgets, including headphones, smartphones, and others.


At the end of the article, we hope all your concepts regarding how to charge bluetooth earphones, headphones, earbuds wirelessly, as well as using a USB cable or earbuds case, are clear. If you fear losing your earpods, always take a wireless charging device that is suitable for you.

So what are you waiting for? Go and apply the method which you like and thank us later!



1.      How do wireless ear buds work?

Many people are unaware that Radio waves are used in the function of wireless headphones. The radio waves can attract the sensor to connect the devices. Because of this, no cables or other physical connections are required for signal transmission. However, keeping your gadgets close is important because the radio waves aren’t as strong as those from a satellite or radio tower.

2.      Can I charge my bluetooth with a charger?

Yes, you can easily charge your Bluetooth earphones and headphones with the phone charger. The USB cables will fulfill the USB specification and can satisfy your charging requirements. If your phone supports rapid charging, you should check the headphones’ handbook or use a manual guide to see whether it is safe to use or not.

3.      How Long Does It Take a Bluetooth Headset to Charge Up?

There are many different ways that Bluetooth headphones can function. The earphones may not activate until the headset is fully charged. The two colors usually come in earphones to indicate the battery life “red” and “green.” When the battery is low, the red light will appear; however, when it’s fully charged, the green light will show up.

4.      How Do I Recharge My Wireless Earbuds If I Lost My Charger?

No worries! If you lost your charger. There are many ways to charge by using a USB cable for a Wirelese earbuds charger or connecting to a computer. Using the USB cord, you can also connect your earbuds to the laptop easily.