Creativity never goes out of style and creativity in digital marketing is a game-changer.

Although originality has always been king in content marketing, we need to remember no ideas are original, and a badly executed idea is a missed opportunity.

What we need in digital media marketing is visually engaging content with a call to action.  

The following examples highlight some of the best in creatively conceptualized advertising campaigns that have taken the world by storm over recent years.

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. This campaign took social media by storm and went viral in 2014. To raise awareness and funds for neurological disorders, celebrities, politicians, and ordinary folk poured buckets of ice over themselves and published photos and videos on social media.

The Blair Witch Project. An early example of social media marketing power. Back in 1999, before mainstream social media, this film’s promotion team used a deliberately amateur-looking website and interacted on message boards and chat rooms to spread the word about the myth the film was based around. This was a grassroots awareness campaign that paid dividends in spades with the film rocked the box office.  

Burger King – The Whopper Detour.  Burger King harnessed geofencing technology to target McDonald’s customers located near a Golden Arches restaurant and snatch them away with an offer to order a Whopper for just one cent on their phone app. Mammoth corporations have a tendency to be just as competitive in the marketing department as they are in sales.       

Coca-Cola – Share a Coke. The sugary soft drink company personalized its product by printing common first names on its bottles and cans. The campaign encouraged people to buy and share their product and was popularized by the buzz on social media.       

These campaigns demonstrate the power of creativity and innovation in the digital age.

To conceptualize and create your own marketing campaign consult first with King Kong in Des Moines or a similar marketing expert in the world of online marketing.

Remember, for powerful audience engagement, an organic buzz, and a lasting impression, campaigns should resonate with their intended demographic. There should always be an opportunity for the customer to participate in the campaign thus promoting natural organic growth and brand awareness.