In 1970, the US Department of Labor created the Occupational Safety and Health Administration Act, or OSHA. This Act provided for the protection and safety of workers to ensure their work environments are free from dangers by providing standards, training, and education.

As a business owner or employer, you may be searching for the right OSHA online training for your employees. Not to worry! Here are three helpful tips for choosing the perfect OSHA online training.

1. Choose the Right Course

This may seem obvious, but unfortunately, many users don’t realize the nuances between the various OSHA online training courses available. This can lead to purchasing the wrong course and failing to secure your certification.

Choose a course provider who offers clear explanations of the courses they offer. Course providers should help you understand what each training entails based on the industry and setting you will be working in.

Don’t become one of the countless individuals to purchase and complete TEN HOURS of training only to realize they passed the wrong test and won’t get the necessary card.

Save yourself a headache, hours of wasted time, money, and frustration by getting educated first. Talk to your provider and ensure you work with a group you trust to educate you on the right course for your work.

2. Avoid Prices That Look “Too Good to Be True”

The adage, “It looks too good to be true,” is popular for a reason. When selecting reliable OSHA online training, avoid programs offering 10-30 hour online courses for less-than-average market price. 

If you see a course for $25, it’s likely an online scam.

Don’t fall prey to scammers. Some might be looking to steal your credit card information or deliver inauthentic “safety cards.” Do your due diligence and find a trustworthy provider like Cal OSHA Certification.

Avoid the temptation to seek the lowest price and sacrifice your data and time by doing so.

3. Opt for a “Hard Card”

Since 2016, the OSHA began to phase out the old paper cards and replace them with more durable plastic cards. Unfortunately, not all course providers have jumped on board.

Many still send students who complete their courses and pass their tests outdated and inadequate paper cards. And they are doing it at the same price that students could receive the new hard cards.

Don’t be taken for a fool. 

Ensure your course provider offers a “hard card” option and that you are signed up to receive one upon course completion.

Finding the Right OSHA Online Training

Selecting the right OSHA online training doesn’t need to be stressful. An OSHA online training course shouldn’t be overly complicated or lack customer support.

When researching, be sure to find a course provider with good reviews, an average price, and a robust customer/student support system so you can get the necessary answers and guidance.

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