TrueCoverage offers the special mobile app name, “True Coverage Agent Partner Program, ” for the health insurance agent.” This profitable mobile app is best for the health insurance agent to manage client details, get resources, and much more. This program with the app lets the agent grow by offering their clients the best medical insurance plans. 

So, TrueCoverage is one of the private health insurance marketplaces or health Insurance FMO for families, employers, and individuals. You can tag it as the” “One-Stop Insurance Shop.” Why is that so? It is because, on this platform, you can find, compare, and then enroll in pocket-friendly health insurance programs. 

In this blog, we will specifically work on the True Coverage Agent Partner Program mobile App. How is it beneficial for the agents, how does it work, and more.

What is the True Coverage Agent Partner Program?

TrueCoverage is a health insurance firm offering the TrueCoverage Agent Partner Program (TAPP). As TrueCoverage is a health insurance firm, they offer agents some commission on referring the insurance plans to the clients. In short, they and his plan to provide insurance partners and agents support and benefits.

Benefits of TrueCoverage Agent Partner Program (TAPP)

Here are some top benefits of the TrueCoverage Agent Partner Program (TAPP). Let us have a look.

  • Earn more: TAPP partners or agents get more notable commissions than they earn by directly setting via any insurance carrier.
  • Offer better choices to the clients: TAPP partners have access to many health insurance programs from about 600 carriers.
  • Get training and support: TAPP offers its partner free support and training. This consists of an approach to experienced insurance experts.
  • Grow your work: TAPP presents multiple tools and resources to support its agents in growing their businesses. This has access to customer support, marketing platforms, and generation tools.

What is the TrueCoverage Agent Partner Program App?

So, for their partner and agent, TrueCoverrage launched the TrueCoverage Agent Partner Program for a better experience. The “TrueCoverage Agent Partner Program” mobile app offers all-in-one medical or health insurance guidelines. Its motto is to streamline the insurance process and provide valuable tools for the broker or agents.

Download the App

If you want to become the agent partner of TruveCoverage, all you need to do is download the Trueoveage Mobile App from the Google Store.

Key Features

Here are the key features of the TrueCoverage APP

  1. Customization and Branding: The app permits insurance partners to bespoke the app and brand quotes to align with the business.
  2. Advanced CRM consistss of a potent Customer Relationship Management (CRM) method to manage customer information and details.
  3. Broker Portal: So, there is an agent portal within the mobile app for partners to access tools and resources as per their needs.
  4. Health Insurance: The mobile app likely delivers access to various health insurance details and plans.
  5. Enrollment: Agents can use the app to enroll clients in insurance plans efficiently.
  6.  TrueCoverage Services: This mobile app is merged with TrueCoverage’s resources.