Are you a business owner concerned about losing customer data?

You won’t be alone. Most computer security experts agree that cyberattacks are only going to become more common in the years ahead. It means that more businesses will be more concerned about customer data breaches.

That leads to a key question — what can you do to prevent one? Keep reading and we’ll tell you. We’ll break down what a customer data breach is, how you can prevent one, and what to do if one occurs.

Implement Strong Access Controls

Access controls are security measures in place to protect customer data from unauthorized access. Businesses should use encrypted passwords for all staff accounts. All passwords should be changed at least every 90 days.

Access rights can also be modified using role-based access controls, ensuring that personnel only have access to the data they need. Additionally, access should be granted at the least-privileged level, so that only essential staff have access to sensitive data. Creating audit trails and monitoring user activity should also be put in place to track any suspicious activity.

Encrypt Sensitive Data

Encrypting is an effective way to prevent unauthorized access to customer data. This is because it scrambles the data into an unreadable format. It should be done on personal and payment information like:

  • credit card numbers
  • Social Security numbers
  • bank account numbers

Businesses should employ robust encryption technology to protect their network data. This includes data stored in internal databases, web applications, and cloud networks. A good encryption system should also be regularly tested and updated to protect against the latest business security threats.

Train Employees on Data Security Best Practices

Employees should be trained on common data security threats such as:

  • phishing
  • malware
  • vulnerable passwords

They should learn how to avoid these threats. Additionally, staff should be educated on data encryption, authentication, and authentication processes, as well as how to detect suspicious activity. Employees should be made aware of the applicable laws and regulations surrounding data security and any procedures set in place locally.

Invest in Industry Specific IT Support

When it comes to preventing a customer data breach, it is essential to invest in industry-specific IT support that specializes in the business’s needs. For those in hospitality, for example, an IT services firm that focuses on hospitality IT is an ideal choice.

These Hospitality IT Services providers can monitor the environment for any suspicious activities. They can also assist with the detection and response to any malicious activity and help the business recover any lost data.

In short, investing in industry-specific IT support is an effective way to ensure customer data is secure.

Follow Data Retention Best Practices

Organizations should ensure that their policies on customer data are up-to-date. They must be developed in line with:

  • applicable laws
  • regulations
  • best practices

To prevent a data breach, companies should be well-versed in steps to reduce the risks. These include frequently:

  • applying security patches to software
  • controlling access to sensitive data
  • limiting access to data

Additionally, organizations need to carry out regular security assessments and audits to better identify weaknesses and gain visibility into their data flows. Lastly, companies need to be prepared to respond quickly and accurately to any incident that is reported.

Learn How to Prevent a Customer Data Breach

So, take the steps to strengthen your customer data protection! Start with developing a customer data governance policy, and invest in the right security tools. Employees should also be trained in security principles. Implement these measures today, to prevent a customer data breach.

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