A residential solar system is a great way to save on electricity costs and reduce your carbon footprint. Unfortunately, if not properly maintained, common errors in your system may lead to poor performance, costly repairs and potential safety risks.

This blog will provide some helpful tips about common errors in residential solar maintenance and what to do to avoid them so you can take advantage of the great benefits of living with solar energy.

1. Forgetting About Maintenance

Without regular maintenance, solar panels produce significantly less energy over time. This happens when panels become dirty or faulty components need to be replaced.

To avoid these solar maintenance mistakes, solar owners should have their panels inspected and cleaned one to two times a year. During this inspection, any issues that need to be repaired or replaced should be addressed. 

2. Using the Wrong Cleaners

It is important to use only cleaners specifically designed for use on solar panels, as organic or mineral-based cleaning solutions can be damaging to the equipment. Organic cleansers can leave a residue on the panel surface and reduce its efficiency, while mineral-based chemicals used in regular household cleaners can corrode the panel leaving discolorations and voiding its warranty. To avoid this common error, make sure to use a specialty solar panel cleaning solution when cleaning solar panels. 

3. Panel Overload

This occurs when too much power is drawn from the solar cells, resulting in a decrease in the efficiency of the modules and/or physical damage to the system. To avoid this, it is important to constantly monitor the output of the system and ensure that the load never exceeds its capacity. 

4. Ignoring the Inverter

One of the most common errors in residential solar maintenance is neglecting the inverter. It is important to not overlook this critical component of the system when performing regular maintenance.

To properly care for the inverter, inspect and tighten all mounting hardware, remove any debris from the base, and locate and clear any obstructions that can interfere with its sense of orientation. 

5. Battery Maintenance

Without proper maintenance, batteries can become corroded, which can lead to massive power outages in your home. It is important to monitor the water level of your batteries. This will maintain the efficiency of the solar panel.

6. Not Following Manufacture’s Instructions

Not making sure to have the proper safety parameters can lead to major issues for your solar system. Poorly installed systems can likely cause more problems in the future.

Ensure that all installation and maintenance instructions from the manufacturer are followed so that the solar system is operating as expected. Even if you find yourself having to use a different tool than what is recommended, make sure it is up to the same standard.

Lastly, it is important to research the proper maintenance intervals and follow them accordingly to ensure your system is getting optimal performance. For more info on maintenance and solar panel install, it’s best if you can consult the right experts.

Fully Utilize Solar Energy by Avoiding Errors in Residential Solar Maintenance

If residential solar energy is your chosen energy source, be sure to remember these errors in residential solar maintenance and how to avoid them. Common errors can be costly, but with proper maintenance and upkeep, you can protect your solar installation and your wallet. 

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