It’s been estimated that more than 130 million adults in the US are living with diabetes! Do you have type 2 diabetes? If you’re trying to find the best way to get your diet under control, we’re here to help you!

We all dread ailments like type 2 diabetes, but did you know you can manage it? Complications can lead to issues later in life, but knowing how to control them properly is the key. The first step is learning what a proper diabetic diet is.

Here are meal planning tips you need to know for a type 2 diabetes diet plan.

Count Your Carbs

Maintain your blood sugar level by counting your carbs. Carbohydrates come from grains and starchy vegetables! 

Begin by reading nutrition labels and looking for a product’s “total carbohydrate” content. After that, estimate the number of carbs in your portion. Choose plenty of whole-grain products, such as whole-grain cereal, brown rice, and wheat bread.

Fiber Rich Foods

Fiber-rich foods help regulate blood glucose levels, promote regularity, and aid digestion. Include sources of soluble fiber like legumes, peas, beans, fruits, and vegetables. It also helps with satiety, reducing cravings for snacks. 

The Plate Method

A great healthy living tip for any diet is the plate method! It helps ensure that your meals are both nutritious and satisfying. Start by breaking your meals up into four parts. 

Fill a quarter of your plate with lean protein such as white meat, poultry, fish, or a plant-based option. Then fill another quarter with carbohydrates such as brown rice, quinoa, or whole wheat grains. 

Fill the remaining plate with healthy fats such as avocado, olive oil, or nuts. Incorporate protein and fiber into snacks and desserts, such as yogurt, berries, peanut butter, almonds, and a hardboiled egg. Planning your meals with the best foods using the plate method can help you eat a balanced diet for Type 2 diabetes. 

Portion Control

A critical factor in a diet plan is portion control. Eating smaller portions leaves room for the essential nutrients for controlling diabetes.

Eat 5 to 6 small meals of healthy food per day to ensure proper portion control. Meals should focus on a combination of complex carbohydrates, proteins, and healthy fats. 

Patients with type 2 diabetes are at an increased risk of amputation, especially if they are not following a diet plan. High glucose levels in the blood cause various complications, including metabolic disturbances and nerve and vascular damage. You can also research more on diabetes leg amputation to learn more.

However, you can avoid this with the help of a good meal plan and healthy food. Portion control is an excellent method, and it applies to healthy fats and added sugar, as you should keep these to a minimum.

Use These Meal Planning Tips and Start Eating Healthy

Creating the right diet plan tailored to personal needs and preferences can improve health outcomes. A good and healthy diet can help manage diabetes and improve overall health.

Manage type 2 diabetes using these meal planning tips. Manage your blood sugar levels and promote overall health. Start implementing healthy changes today to feel the benefits of a diabetes diet plan!

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