Have you or someone you know been experiencing the following issues? Itching for a drink? Tried to quit or cut down and fail? Have a strong personality and get angry easily, but only when drunk?

If all these sound familiar, then something might be wrong. You might have an addiction problem.

Alcoholism is a serious issue and can destroy lives. There are tons of negative outcomes associated with heavy drinking, including death. However, if caught early, you can seek alcoholism treatment and turn your life around before any serious damage is done.

Keep reading below to learn several key signs of alcoholism before your alcoholic tendencies worsen to become dangerous.

1. Tolerance 

When someone’s tolerance to alcohol increases, they need to drink more to get the same level of intoxication they previously experienced. This increase in alcohol consumption puts them at risk for several negative health effects, especially liver damage. People who have a high tolerance to alcohol may drink far more frequently and in higher amounts than the average person, which can lead to alcoholism, another serious health condition.

2. Withdrawal  

Withdrawal is a major sign of alcoholism and can be physical, social, and emotional. Physically, a person with alcoholism may experience nausea, vomiting, headaches, insomnia, tremors, rapid heart rate and lowered sweating when they stop drinking alcohol. Socially, they may become reclusive, irritable, and antisocial.

Withdrawal can also cause feelings of guilt and depression. It also comes with intense cravings that can override rational thinking.

3. Loss of Control

Loss of control can refer to an inability to moderate or abstain from drinking alcohol once it has started. It can also refer to an inability to manage the consequences of alcohol, such as driving or engaging in other risky behaviors. 

Loss of control can also lead to alcohol poisoning, a serious and fatal condition. Alcohol poisoning occurs when someone drinks large quantities of alcohol in a short period of time and their body is unable to process it. It is essential to learn more about the symptoms of alcohol poisoning to prevent serious problems.

4. Neglecting Responsibilities

Alcoholism can lead to being disorganized, putting things off, and losing your memory, which can make you forget to do important things. People with alcoholism are more likely to ignore their responsibilities, like ensuring they stay hydrated, eat well, do their jobs well, and attend important social and family events.

If someone is an alcoholic and doesn’t take care of their responsibilities, it can negatively affect their health, job, and relationships. This neglect can spread to other parts of life and make it hard to do simple things like pay bills or fill out paperwork.

5. Continued Use Despite Negative Consequences

It means that the person has become dependent on alcohol and keeps drinking even though it hurts their relationships, health, and finances. If someone keeps drinking even though it hurts them, they should go to a rehab facility immediately to break their addiction and start living healthier, alcohol-free lives.

Identify the Signs of Alcoholism

Alcohol addiction can lead to major physical and mental side effects. Though the signs of alcoholism can differ for each individual, understanding them could save and change a life.

Education and intervention are key in helping those suffering from alcohol addiction get the help they need. If you or someone you know shows signs of alcoholism, act now and seek help.

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