Shakespeare wrote, “What’s in a name?” and you’ve been told endlessly to never judge a book by its cover.

But the harsh truth is that we do! Just as the first impression that you make matters, so too must the impression you make with your business name. Your company’s name is crucial for brand recognition. Without it, your company will get crushed by your competition.

But how do you create a strong brand identity and choose a great business name?

Here’s what you need to know:

It’s a Sign

How would you feel if you saw a name like John Doe on a large sign? Most likely, it won’t catch your attention. But if you see a unique name such as Phunsukh Wangdu on a large sign, you’ll stop and look!

This has to be your first consideration when working toward brand recognition. The first point of your business marketing plan should be to decide on a name that’ll easily grab attention. Take your time and create a shortlist before you settle on a name.

If you choose this name, make sure you hire a professional signage company to promote your brand.

What’s Your Mission?

The next step is to consider what your company’s mission is. In most cases, this is how your favorite brands came up with their names.

If you want the best burgers you have to go to a place that’s fit for a royal! That’s why you’ll order at Burger King. If you want to go grocery shopping but only want the best quality foods, then you have to go to Whole Foods.

Consider your mission so you can choose your business name. You want one that speaks for itself.

Keep It Simple

Imagine if the TV show “Different Strokes” was called “A Plethora of Perspectives.” We can guess that it wouldn’t have reached such a wide audience!

You want a name that’s simple to remember and easy to pronounce. You want to cater to the masses. As a result, don’t overcomplicate choosing your business name.

As a side note, simplicity is what brings customer awareness. Customer loyalty gets won only when customers can remember your business name in the first place!

A Long Time Ago

The name IKEA sounds so modern. Yet this business name has been around for almost 80 years!

You want to choose a name that’ll last for several generations. Don’t choose a name that only fits with the current zeitgeist. Choose a name that’ll still resonate in the future.

That’s How to Create a Strong Brand Identity

Now you know how to create a strong brand identity and pick a great business name.

Start by choosing a name that’ll look great on a sign. Your business name should seem larger than life.

You’ll also have to think about your company mission when deciding on your business name. Keep your business name simple and choose one that’ll last for several generations.

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