The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows reports that 84,000 motorcyclists and passengers were injured by a motorcycle accident in 2020.

A motorcycle accident case is unique. The laws are not the same as they are for auto accidents. After experiencing a motorcycle accident, you must pick a motorcycle accident lawyer to fight for your rights.

Here is what you must look for during your research.

Comparing Lawyer Fees

Most motorcycle accident attorneys will work for you on a contingent basis. The nice thing about contingency fees is that the lawyer will be paid if you are paid. This gives your attorney a higher incentive to maximize the award.

For you, who could be struggling with medical bills and lost wages, it gives you peace of mind that you can get help without paying out of pocket. Because you do not need to pay right away, you may jump ahead and skip the important part of vetting attorneys. Just because you are not paying upfront does not mean you need to sign off and begin working with any attorney.

Remember that you want to maximize both your chances of winning your case and the amount you will get. The adage says, “You get what you pay for.”

It is good to compare lawyer fees. However, choosing the lowest fee may not be selecting the best attorney for the job. Remember that there may be a good reason if one attorney fee is higher than another.

Reading Online Reviews

You can learn a lot from strangers by giving feedback online. Opinions are genuine. By checking Google, Facebook, and other online sources, you can see what past clients say about their experience.

If you see many positive reviews and a high star rating, this will help you solidify the decision you make. One complaint may not be a dealbreaker, as there can be “difficult customers” in any industry. However, if you see multiple complaints, and a pattern of the same feedback, this can be a red flag.

Options For Lawyers

Motorcycle accidents are unique. Even an attorney with a lot of experience with auto accidents may not have settled a case for a motorcycle accident.

You want to find an attorney with niche motorcycle experience. This is the best way to ensure you will receive maximum compensation because an attorney with motorcycle accident experience is proficient in the law.

When you encounter a motorcycle accident, you should understand the law, too. We recommend you check out this page on motorcycle accident laws.

Look For Experience

As you research attorneys, not only should they have experience with motorcycle accidents, but they should have experience in the courtroom. You want to settle. The quickest path to receive compensation is to avoid trial.

However, you do not need to accept an unreasonable offer. You may have no other choice than to go to court. Trials are complex and lengthy, so you need a motorcycle accident lawyer who has defended clients in the courtroom.

Equally important is their success rate. How many wins do they have under their belt?

Impeccable Communication Skills

Motorcycle accidents are stressful. If you are suffering from an injury, the stress intensifies. Hiring a motorcycle accident attorney who does not communicate well will magnify the stress of this unpleasant situation.

Better to avoid this situation altogether. Find a law firm that communicates well. You can tell by your first meeting how they communicate.

The first impression you get will be indicative of your experience going forward. Use your first consultative conversation wisely to dig into their communication style. Ask many questions and listen carefully to how thoroughly the attorney will answer you.

Cares About Your Situation

It is hard to predict how long each motorcycle accident case will take. You may be working with your lawyer for a lengthy time. When you speak with your motorcycle accident attorney, you want to know they care about your case.

An uncaring lawyer can lead you to believe they do not have what it takes to get a maximum settlement award. You do not want an attorney that will fail to negotiate or settle early to resolve your case. 

But how can you tell if a motorcycle accident attorney “cares?” While evaluating their communication style during your first consultation, you can also use your gut instinct.

Is the attorney telling you what you want to hear, or are they truly evaluating your case? Listen to the sincerity of their tone of voice. 

You Deserve Fair Compensation

Insurance companies are businesses. Their biggest priority is their bottom line. Do not fool yourself into thinking that they will feel sorry for you.

When dealing with insurance companies, you may think you can handle it alone, but you may do more damage than good. Insurance companies are tricksters. They know how to get you to say something on a recorded line that will ruin your case.

The insurance company’s best interest is to pressure you with a lowball offer, hoping you will take it and go away. When an attorney gets involved, they know you mean business. Never speak with a representative from an insurance company until you consult with an attorney first.

Pick a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

When you research the market, there are many personal injury attorneys. Only a select few have the proper motorcycle accident experience you need.

Pick a motorcycle accident lawyer with experience, good references, and excellent communication skills. Get the compensation you deserve.

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