Did you know that there are 49.7 million students in the U.S.?

3D printing technology has boomed over the last few years. Even small businesses and industries can benefit from 3D printing projects for students.

We have listed various creative 3D printing projects to test your students.

1. Replicas of Historical Artifacts

3D printing projects can be effective for high school students as replicas of historical artifacts. The projects can allow students to expand their understanding of the technologies used to make replicas of actual historical artifacts. In their research, students can learn how objects were made in the past. 

2. Folding Chair

3D printing projects for beginners can be a fun and creative way for them to show their knowledge of the application. A great example of this is creating a folding chair.

It is a significant engineering challenge and allows the students to use their creativity and apply mechanics and design principles. Students can easily create objects from plastic using an einstar 3d scanner, creating pieces that can aid in sustainability efforts.

3. Chess Set

With 3D printing being accessible from numerous outlets, simply downloading a chess set design from the internet and taking it to a 3D printing lab can allow high school students to create a chess set of their own. Once in the 3D printing lab, students can customize the design, allowing their style to come through.

4. Printing Circuits

3D printing projects for high school students based on printing circuits can be inspiring and engaging. This new and innovative technology can open up an array of possibilities for students to learn about the inner workings of technology and engineering. Various courses can be derived from this technology, such as learning about the electrons that flow throughout the circuit.

5. Prosthetic Hand

3D printing projects for high school students are becoming increasingly popular, especially prosthetic hand creation. Such projects allow students to learn valuable problem-solving and engineering skills while providing a unique service to someone in need. High school students can use 3D printing to create practical synthetics like hands, feet, and other extremity replacements. 

6. Mini-Drone

A fantastic example of this is the mini drone project. This project involves students creating working mini drones using 3D printing projects for students. With access to suitable materials and guidance, students can use a 3D printer to design and assemble their miniature drones.

7. Landscape Models

3D printing landscape models are particularly engaging to students who desire a sense of accomplishment. Utilizing computer software, students can create topographical maps, design landscapes, and build geological structures. Once designed, these three-dimensional objects are made by 3D printers using biodegradable plant-based material. 

8. Keychains

3D printing projects for high school students can range from small items like keychains to more complex things like industrial parts or tools. Making keychains is a popular and rewarding project that allows students to explore basic 3D printing techniques and understand file formats. Depending on the complexity of the design and the type of filament used, keychains can be printed in a few hours. 

Using 3D Printing Projects for Students

3D printing projects for students an exciting opportunity to learn new skills and explore different technologies at their fingertips. It teaches students to exercise their creative potential and think outside the box. If you are a high school student interested in exploring 3D Printing, take the time to start a project today.

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