Looking for a great new landscaping idea? 

There are dozens of easy, budget landscaping ideas for your yard or garden, but there’s one material you may be ignoring: river rocks.

Don’t underestimate the utility of river rocks. While you may think of planting some shrubs, adding a water feature, or installing a fence as important aspects of landscaping design, adding river rocks can beautify your space, define specific areas, or simply add variety and texture to an otherwise drab area.

Don’t believe us? Here are 3 reasons why river rocks should be on your list of landscaping materials. 

1. You Can Use Them to Create a Custom Look

You may not give much thought to river rocks when it comes to your landscaping options. 

However, when it comes to landscaping materials, river rocks are a great way to customize your landscaping.

For starters, they can be used to define specific areas of your yard. There are also a ton of color varieties when it comes to river rocks. You can use these color options to create a colorful design. Or you could simply pick a color to contrast or compliment plants in your garden.

Ricer rocks are also great for landscaping around trees and shaded areas. Light-colored rocks will instantly brighten a darker area.

2. They Can Prevent Erosion

River rocks are also a great way to prevent erosion. Without some form of prevention, your landscaping could easily be washed away after heavy rain. 

However, a layer of river rocks can prevent your topsoil from washing away. This is especially true of sloped areas. 

Without some form of erosion prevention, you risk losing newly planted flowers. Your remaining soil will lack water and nutrients. At the very least, your landscaped area will lose its beauty as precipitation erodes the area.

Your preferred topsoil supplier can recommend the right size rock for your landscaping and erosion prevention needs.

3. Guide Visitors With a Path

River rocks make for an easy, low-maintenance path. Use these pathways to guide visitors through your garden, highlighting points of interest. Perhaps you wish to guide guests to a water feature or highlight a spot in your garden you are particularly proud of. 

If the idea of a rock path doesn’t appeal to you, mix it up with other textures and materials. For example, a set of timber planks can act as a path, with river rocks placed between them, contrasting the natural wood of the timber. You can even upcycle existing wood planks to aid in creating your walkway.

Instead of timber, you could substitute concrete pavers or flagstones.

Consider River Rocks for Your Landscaping 

River rocks are a perfect product to accentuate or add to your landscaping projects. Whether you’re looking to start a new landscaping project or upgrade and revitalize an existing area of your yard, river rocks can play an important role.

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